My Use of Social Media

My Use of Social Media

Thanks to several social media tools, I have been able to stay connected with increased frequency than before web 2.0.  A couple of years ago we started using several  of these  and the effectiveness of helping with relationships has been very encouraging.  I can count on a brief exchange with someone due to my blog posts, as you see here, on Facebook or on Twitter.  On the other hand, I will say that social media can be a detriment to your time management efforts.

The internet is a large and highly populated space and it is easy to get lost or chasing rabbit trails. I compare it to someone looking into a refrigerator when one is hungry, but not really sure what they want, yet they open the door to see if anything has changed. Some would compare it to insanity; doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time.

But through the use of Social Media, companies can now focus their attention on specific audiences much easier and start topics of conversation with just a sentence.  In addition, you can make people feel more important by personalizing the messages sent.  I enjoy reaching out to old friends to check on their well-being as well as business acquaintances, as I believe that this is a lost aspect of business today.

I believe that the economy is getting better and to me, it more important than ever before to be sure that you’re strengthening and maintaining relationships with your clients and associates in the most efficient ways across multiple platforms.

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  1. Merrill, I agree with your statement, “social media can be a detriment to your time management efforts”.

    I began my blog two years ago while out of work. After finding employment I was still able to devote a lot of after-hours time to its development. As the economy revives I’m sure 40-hour work weeks will disappear – as will time for blogging.

    I suppose now is a good time to move past dabbling in social media and to begin to deal with it strategically, as a scheduled set of tasks.

  2. I actually think social media channels will evolve into actually being ‘the way’ work is done in the future.

    Company boundaries will get looser and looser over time. You see that already with software development, with platforms like– a social platform where ‘work’ is actually done.

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