Pave the Road to Sustainability

Pave the Road to Sustainability

Lately it seems like an increasing number of folks have seen the light when it comes to the drawbacks of dark-colored pavement. Black asphalt has traditionally been the surface of choice for our nation’s roadways and parking lots, but asphalt can act as a heat sink that retains the warmth of sunlight. The effect is [Read More]

Give Smarter Commutes the “Green” Light

Give Smarter Commutes the “Green” Light

Nearly every sizeable city in the United States struggles with clogged arteries. It’s a sea of traffic signals, brake lights and all-around urban sprawl. The roads in and out of town stack up during rush hour with smog-spewing traffic jams. Nobody enjoys sitting in traffic, so there is personal motivation to eliminate tie-ups. It saves [Read More]

Want to Build a Greener Society? Demand It.

Want to Build a Greener Society? Demand It.

I’ve heard it a million times: “Actions speak louder than words.” In a country like the U.S., where we vote with our dollars, that becomes even more true. We make a demand and the supplier who meets it wins the sale. Sometimes the government—the officials we elected to regulate policy—can give a push to make it [Read More]

New EPA Regulations Usher in Construction Stewardship

If it has not already, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will eventually impact us all. The environment and the livelihoods of many are at stake. The tragedy is a “wake up call” reminder that we only have one earth, and we all have a stake in pollution control. Environmental responsibility has always [Read More]

On the Horizon: A Concrete that Eliminates Storm Water Management Systems

We try to keep our finger on the pulse of best management practices for today’s construction. To us, that happens when quality means/methods balance with an eye toward the environment. Pervious concrete can do both. Pervious concrete is a wonderful concoction that holds up structurally and is porous enough that water can seep through it [Read More]

Looking for an Easy Way to Invest in Green? Purchase Power Credits.

This April marks two years since we moved to our new corporate campus. The upcoming anniversary got me thinking back to 2005 when we first started the design of our building and grounds. Being a responsible member of our new community was of the utmost importance, so it made sense to build with minimal impact [Read More]

Actions Speak Louder than Words: Corporate Philosophy Actualized

Anyone can talk a big game. It seems that in the name of public relations, lots of business leaders are talking up green initiatives, corporate responsibility and the importance of a welcoming in-office environment. It all sounds good, but does it ever really play out in day-to-day operations? I’ve always thought that corporate culture goes [Read More]

Fire: Nature’s Preservation Tactic and Business’ Opportunity to Evolve

Last week when I was at the University of the South, Sewanee, I traveled through the new Spencer Wing of Woods Laboratories on the campus. I found myself in the Forestry Department in front of a plaque that reads “Restoring Our Forest,” with the subtitle “Importance of fire in the forest communities.” It goes on [Read More]

Water Preservation 101: Points on Collaboration and Education

Last week, I attended the Cahaba River Society’s (CRS) annual meeting. I’ve been a board member for about a year now. The Society protects our beautiful river and facilitates public conversations about environmental well-being. While the CRS still focuses much of its energy on the River and its basin, it is also evolving into something [Read More]

What You Can Learn From a Trailblazer’s Use of Social-Justice Architecture

We’ve all heard the saying, “everything old is new again.” At our place, we’ve challenged ourselves to find inventive ways to repurpose materials that might have otherwise left behind. As a result, our ceilings, parts of our deck and even our conference table are crafted from wood that would have otherwise been left at our [Read More]