Our Experience with Pervious Concrete

Our Experience with Pervious Concrete

We have been using pervious concrete paving for about 10 years now. In case you are not familiar with the product, I came across this clip that sums it up pretty well. Our success rate is pretty good, as long as we have had a decent drainage system underneath the concrete to allow the water [Read More]

Notes From a Pervious Concrete Seminar: How “Sustainable” Becomes “Practical”

This week, several of our team attended a workshop led by Matthew Offenberg, a recognized expert in the field of pervious concrete. The discussion centered on the design and function of pervious concrete pavements, new developments in the technology and some of the challenges in implementing it. I found it interesting that the workshop was [Read More]

On the Horizon: A Concrete that Eliminates Storm Water Management Systems

We try to keep our finger on the pulse of best management practices for today’s construction. To us, that happens when quality means/methods balance with an eye toward the environment. Pervious concrete can do both. Pervious concrete is a wonderful concoction that holds up structurally and is porous enough that water can seep through it [Read More]