Notes From a Pervious Concrete Seminar: How “Sustainable” Becomes “Practical”

This week, several of our team attended a workshop led by Matthew Offenberg, a recognized expert in the field of pervious concrete. The discussion centered on the design and function of pervious concrete pavements, new developments in the technology and some of the challenges in implementing it. I found it interesting that the workshop was [Read More]

On the Horizon: A Concrete that Eliminates Storm Water Management Systems

We try to keep our finger on the pulse of best management practices for today’s construction. To us, that happens when quality means/methods balance with an eye toward the environment. Pervious concrete can do both. Pervious concrete is a wonderful concoction that holds up structurally and is porous enough that water can seep through it [Read More]

BIM Visualizes the “How,” Unlocks the “Why” and Provides a Relationship Value-Add

Last week, I mentioned a partnership I’ve fostered with WP2DC, the company who designed and implemented a cloud-based application for Stewart Perry. We’ve managed to get all our internal information into an easily accessible virtual file cabinet. As a result we’ve cut out a lot of duplicated efforts. Using a Building Information Modeling (BIM) is our next [Read More]

Increase Efficiency by Turning Vendors Into Resource Partners

Around here, everyone knows that when we enter an agreement to purchase goods or services we look at it as a two-way street. We want to both give and get more from a project than just the transaction. Last year we entered an agreement with WP2DC, a very capable technology firm in Los Angeles. They [Read More]

How I Leverage Time and Effort

It seems that in the construction business—design and finance—there is an ever-accelerating outpouring of technology and knowledge. Because I sometimes worry that advances will pass me by, I’m always trying to figure out how to leverage my time. I want to maximize what I do without decreasing quality or cutting corners. But how? Someone recently [Read More]

Take Lemons and Make Lemonade: Embrace Workplace Evolution

I was listening to NPR recently and they were discussing how the Recession isn’t the only culprit behind recent job loss. Throughout modern society, the ability to work in certain fields has ebbed and flowed based upon changes in culture and advances in technology. The example they gave was from the 1920s. Before motion pictures [Read More]

Can Drywall Be Green?

Drywall going up on one of our projects is always a welcome sight. It means that we are in the “final lap,” meaning the structural, mechanical and electrical components of our project are complete. As we’ve evolved into a greener construction company, choosing the right drywall has become a major conundrum. The harmful affects of [Read More]

Start Spreading the News: Even an Existing New York Building Can Go Green

I’m sure you’ve heard the industry’s excitement about LEED certified construction. Once considered more ideology than practicality, we’re realizing that green building can actually be more cost effective than traditional methods. The trend is catching on, and it’s not just private companies who’ve embraced sustainability. In 2006, government agencies began requiring all new buildings meet [Read More]

Looking for an Easy Way to Invest in Green? Purchase Power Credits.

This April marks two years since we moved to our new corporate campus. The upcoming anniversary got me thinking back to 2005 when we first started the design of our building and grounds. Being a responsible member of our new community was of the utmost importance, so it made sense to build with minimal impact [Read More]